Supriya Jambunathan

Supriya Jambunathan

Supriya is a voice-over artist, RJ and podcaster with 16 years’ experience in various formats of radio – Satellite, Corporate, Internet and FM. Her voice has been heard across media for various brands like Lexus, Swiggy, Prestige, JBL, Brigade, Bosch, ISRO, Central Silk Board, Flipkart, AJIO, Max, Lifestyle, etc, to name a few. Through her career she has interviewed over 1000 people including celebrities, corporate leaders, changemakers and people across industries, job levels, regions and languages.

As a child, she was actively involved in events and activities that involved talking and who knew that one day she would make a living out of that very ability! 

Supriya believes that the biggest way to make an impact on someone, is to keep it real and talk in their language – not just literally but on a deeper level as well. Her work has helped her connect with people around the world – From being the connecting factor between our brave men serving the Indian Army and their families, to helping organisations engage with their employees, from being the voice that brands use to advertise their products and services to being the voice that people found a friend in!

She also conducts voice workshops where she helps people work on diction, delivery, confidence and the various other aspects that help in speaking better. This isn’t just for those in the media, this works for everyone across age groups and professions, because fact is, we ALL talk to communicate!

As a writer, she finds words to be a powerful way to reach people and help them relate to her. She has written for Radio ads, Documentaries, Youtube Videos, Real Estate marketing videos, etc. She has also written the script for a web-series that is under production. 

Supriya wrote a few pieces for, one of which was about the Aston Martin DB11, that she got a chance to sit in and checkout up close!

Her love for cars and automobiles is an ongoing affair and she has a list of cars she wishes to own some day! Winning the fastest lady driver at the Maruti Suzuki Autoprix 2017 definitely sparked something in her and she looks forward to getting back to the track! Fun fact – she had to take a break as she found out that she was pregnant with her second baby and had actually raced while she was in her early weeks of pregnancy! 

She believes that the universe is constantly listening and all it takes is asking for, and working towards what we truly want! Gratitude plays a major role in her life. She is a certified NLP practitioner and hopes to help everyone around her, live their best life ever!

Supriya Also won the Radio Duniya for Best RJ (Hindi) in 2008 – awarded by the I&B Ministry of India.