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About the Founder

About The Founder

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Twenty five years is too short a time for all the experiences Sam would like to cramp up in them. An IT professional turned business coach turned ace networker, Sam has hosted a talk show ‘Jam with Sam’ where he interacted with esteemed guests like Luke Coutino, Hrishi K and more, and provided a platform for his audience to connect, collaborate and grow with ‘The Indian Networker’. Keeping his hands on the pulse, Curafluence is his latest venture to bring the same gated community networking experience to his followers from the comfort of their homes. 


Over the years Sam has used his quality of networking to create eco-systems that helps out entrepreneurs: the ones who are breaking to and the ones who are looking to expand. Through his expertise in handling businesses, he provide cost-effective and long term solutions to increase the efficiency and visibility of businesses.  

He is an ace networker and tenured business consultant, he create eco-systems for businesses and entrepreneurs to outgrow their reach. He becomes the periscope to show them opportunities beyond their horizon. 

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Private Coaching

Are you a Small Business Owner who is doing everything by yourself to save costs. Learn How you can do more by spending less and use that time to spend what you do best. Work on your business instead of in the Business.

Business Visibility

Getting your Business Visible is much more needed than ever before. Are you on the right platforms ? Are you looking to reach the National and International market.


What My network Says

‘Sam’ Nothing brief about him, he’s a real interesting dude with such a cool vibe and a curiosity that intrigues and captivates. Parallel to his good nature Sam connects not only with people but is a key catalyst in people meeting people through his slick network of top professionals and chilled life Gurus. If you’re lucky enough to connect you’ve not only found a contact you’ve embarked on a friendship.
Keith Mclarnon

What My network Says

Simply put, Sampath is a Rockstar! Networking is hard, but Sampath is one of the few people who makes it look easy and effortless & I am a huge admirer of how he builds and maintains relationships with so many diverse and talented people at the same time. With a unique ability to build rapport across professions, age groups and gender, Sampath is a true master of the art of networking and someone that I really hope to learn from! Onwards Sampath, the world is your oyster!
Ritu Srivastava
Founder Obino