James Berg

The Principles of Pirate Marketing

James Berg

James is the Content Strategist founder of Picaroons, a social media marketing crew built on Pirate principle.

James is the founder of Picaroons, a social media marketing crew built on Pirate principles.

They don’t just help their clients increase social media likes, comments or shares but they focus on helping increase sales, donations or leads.
They do this through their social media strategy plans and expert network of content creators.

In their first 6 months of trading, Picaroons have already worked with a range of clients including Facebook, BehindBras, Heyoovit, Mint Surf, PureOaty and George Sullivan (founder of Sole Supplier)

James honed his craft working for ESPN, Huge, Ketchum and McCann. All global leaders in their respective fields.

He has worked as a digital insights expert and a content strategist on online campaigns for brands including IBM, Philips, Samsung, SEAT, Booking.com, GSK, ESPN, Bupa and P&G.

James is a published author, with his book ‘104 Social Media Content Ideas To Increase Sales’ helping over a thousand businesses come up with and action ideas for their social media marketing. One user even made a £20,000 sale directly attributed to ideas used in the book.

He is the host of the business podcast Chats with Dad, where he interviews his Dad, Phil Berg, a sought-after speaker and trainer who went from selling carpets on a market stall to presenting, helping and influencing thousands of businesses all over the world.