Saumil Parikh

Saumil Parikh is a Chartered Accountant having more than 10 years of experience in Capital Markets.
During his corporate journey, he has worked for KPMG – one of the big 4 audit firms where he has audited Portfolio Management companies like HSBC Asset Management, Reliance Capital Asset Management and also audited banks and NBFC’s like ICICI Bank, Reliance Capital etc.
He is a first generation entrepreneur and founded Scale Up Financial Advisors in 2011 and is currently handling the derivative side of the entity.
With a solo member to start Scale Up, his team currently has 9 people under him.
His Partner, Mr. Harish Menon is a Chartered Accountant and
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).
Saumil specializes in Options (a derivative instrument).

He faced lot of criticism early in his career from many people who had a bad opinion about derivatives. This helped him to create a product called ALPHA which helps investors generate extra returns on their idle portfolio.
Currently Saumil handles big portfolios of Institutions and proprietary funds of stock broking companies.
Apart from this, he also is a visiting faculty with S P Jain Institute of Global Management, SIES
Management Studies, Rizvi Management Studies etc.
He is married to Malvika Prajapati who is a part of his business now. 

“Perseverance is the key to success ”