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What is Curafluence International ?

Great networks don’t leave you to be discovered in the shuffle. They create synergies with people and organisations that help you grow and make the most of every opportunity out there. Meet Curafluence.

A carefully curated collective of brilliant personalities that lets you connect, interact and collaborate from the comfort of your home or office.

We bring together members for a one-on-one interaction by facilitating a discussion that is aimed at exploring synergies.
The uniquely curated interaction helps members do business with each other through an insightful look at business models, best practices and expansion plans. Curafluence acts as a key connect for members by helping to break the ice, affect conversation flow, unearth crucial facets of members’ businesses and set the stage for future collaboration.
These calls act as power tools and great catalysts for change through collaboration and curated discovery among curafluencers.

In Person Meetups

Bi Monthly meetup in the Central Suburbs and SOBO for Learning and collaborations

WA & FB Group

No Spam , No Promotion, Business Knowledge and challenges discussions.

Support & Learning

One to One Coaching for Building Personal & Business

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