Ganesh Kamath

Founded in the vibrant heart of Mumbai in 1970 by the visionary Late Shri Gundraya S. Kamath, Gokul Ice Creams embarked on a journey at the dawn of an era where the concept of Pure Vegetarian Ice Creams and Shrikhand was set to witness unprecedented growth. From its inception, Gokul has been at the forefront of innovating and manufacturing ice creams and shrikhand that not only taste delightful but also cater to a vegetarian ethos, making it a pioneer in its field.

Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Ganesh G. Kamath, who has seamlessly blended modern approaches with the rich culture and traditional values instilled by his father, Gokul Ice Creams stands today as a testament to a proud past and a beacon of a promising future. Our legacy is built on being the leading manufacturers of Pure Vegetarian and Natural Flavored Ice Creams and Shrikhand, a title we wear with honor and pride.

Our factory in Mumbai is the heart of our operation, where our dedicated team works tirelessly to craft each batch of ice cream and shrikhand. It’s here that the magic happens, combining passion, teamwork, and a relentless pursuit of quality to produce products that our customers love.

At Gokul Ice Creams, our strength is multi-faceted, rooted in a collective effort to deliver excellence. Our philosophy is simple yet profound: “Circle the Customer – Circle the Globe.” This strategy is not just a guideline but a mission that drives us to expand our reach, open new outlets, and enhance our services. Our aim is to cater to an ever-growing customer base, providing them with not just ice cream but an experience that is enriched with superior quality, natural flavors, and the warmth of genuine hospitality.

Executing our strategy means more than just business growth; it translates into fulfilling our mission to deliver the best Pure Vegetarian Ice-Creams made from natural flavors and pure milk. We are committed to ensuring that every scoop of Gokul Ice Cream is a testament to our dedication to hygiene, quality, and the joy of sharing happiness through our products.

Located in the bustling neighborhood of Santacruz, Mumbai, Gokul Ice Creams continues to thrive, embracing both its rich heritage and the path of innovation. We invite you to be a part of our journey, to taste the legacy, and to experience the joy and purity of Gokul Ice Creams – where every scoop comes with a promise of quality, taste, and a smile.

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