Ganesh Iyer

Curious Entrepreneur by nature with immense experience in Product Management, Marketing, and Sales Operations

As a passionate entrepreneur, he is on a mission to put a positive dent in this world.

He has a unique 15+ years background in leadership, strategic planning, product management- Software and Hardware, Sales and Marketing Operations, Business Architecture, Design, Manufacturing which allows him to view solutions from a holistic perspective.

His laser focus execution has enabled more than double digits growth (multi-million dollar ROI) for all the ventures he served.

He was also a Research Assistant in one of the most prestigious schools in Asia- Indian Institute of Technology (Mumbai).

He holds Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Mumbai University and Dual Masters degree from the State University of New York/Cornell University-Mechanical Engineering & Masters degree from San Jose State University-Biomedical Devices.

He also holds Business-Continued Studies (MBA) from Stanford University. He is also Cisco Gold Certified Business Architect and PMP certified.

He is an active partner at & Advisor to nuRealtor LLC. He also has a passion for doodling with his comical strip tuuktukk intended to bring out the lighter side to any serious topics.

The Keys of Knowledge

1. Identify the Right Partners

2. Get along with people who are excited about our vision

3. Right people put together can create wonderful visions

4. To have a bigger business, one must grow exponentially and not linearly.

5. Generally an entrepreneur is not stuck, however a business is stuck and that determines the fate of the entrepreneur.

6. Try amalgamation of different products and services. This way you’ll be able to get business all along, because some business is better than no business.

7. Try a blended business model that can encompass both digital and paper based model.