Niraj Vashi

Niraj Vashi is an avid traveler, bird watcher, foodie and photographer besides being a pioneer in travel technology.

Niraj is considered an encyclopedia of India travel. His ideas on content structuring, knowledge automation and overall automation in travel industry are pioneering efforts. Niraj is considered leader of note in a highly fragmented Travel industry for his unique positioning and ability to constantly take the path less trodden.

A nature lover at heart as he has done half a dozen high altitude trekking expeditions and other adventure trips (rafting, skiing and countless local treks) before he started Nivalink.

Nivalink is one of the Pioneers of domestic leisure travel in India. The world “Sharing Economy” became known fairly recently, however Nivalink has been leveraging Internet for over 20 years by sharing curated content developed based on own 450+ trips. Nivalink today is a very specialized travel company that has loyal customers throughout India (100+ cities) and across the globe (60+ Countries).

Nivalink as an idea was discovered completely by chance and then started to build upon it once we understood its potential. 200,000 kms on road and 20 years and we are still at it as a work in progress !

They started as a specialist in local getaways and grew into an end to end travel solutions providers. Over the years They have developed specialization areas of Pilgrimages, Wildlife, Bird watching, Wellness Travel, Offbeat / Experiential travel that focused on sophisticated traveler segments.

They discovered areas of knowledge management and put to good use so that information gathered while on travel can be distributed. The knowledge management efforts lead us to automations that helped us build critical productivity tools that helped us in speeding up responses for complex travel itineraries.

They ended up building up an integrated Suite with CRM, Knowledgement, Website Content Management, Payments and Accounts all combining to offer the productivity and efficiency to manage a complex business profitably.

Nivalink till date has served 200+K customers in 65+ Countries and 100+ cities in India and we continue to travel and explore further niches and work on knowledge automations to further fine tune thier offerings.