Amruta Pathak

Amruta Pathak

Amrutha Pathak – Brand Strategist & Consultant 

Online educator and brand expert through the MSMEx platform.

I will help YOU:
Build brands that are taken seriously. Build brands that connect emotionally. Build brands that will ultimately make you money.


👉 Are you spending a shit-ton on your marketing and still getting no results?

👉 Are your sales people directionless?

👉 Are your sales pitches falling flat?

Then, ask yourself:

👏 Are you talking to the right audience?

👏 Are you using the right language to communicate?

👏 Does your audience understand the value you bring?

👏 Do they know what sets you apart from the competition?

👏 Do you have your TRIBE?

If not, DM me for a FREE 30-minute consultation right now!

Build a strong brand on a foundation of a focused:
Brand Purpose | Brand Positioning | Brand Story | Mission Statement | Vision Statement | Value Foundation | Target Audience & User Personas | Brand Archetypes | Brand Personality | Design Language | Brand Tone of Voice | Visual Identity |

All the ways you can work with me!

👏 1:1 Brand-Building Sessions. Great for addressing specific issues you may have.

👏 Group Coaching Sessions. Great alternative to the 1:1 session for a large group.

👏 Brand Advisory Services. Setting up a new brand from scratch? Looking at a rebrand? Need a brand strategist to set your brand up for greatness? Then this is what you need.

👏 Extensive Brand Audit: If you know something is wrong somewhere but aren’t completely sure what, then a Brand Audit is what you need.


With over 2 decades spent growing more than a 100 brands across various verticals, I have the solution to any and all brand-related problems you may have!

I have been involved in various stages of the brand and business growth and am, therefore, uniquely placed to understand your issues, whatever your business size may be.

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