Suhas Marathe

Suhas Marathe

Suhas Marathe started working for himself right from day one after graduating from the College of Engineering Pune in 1985.
He was of the opinion that no one else should be in a position to decide when he should retire.
This happens in all jobs which is at mercy of others.
He started business in the field of computers in 1986.
He Sold till now every type of PC / Printers which you could imagine. Experienced in dealing with more than 1000 customers.
He joined hands with Enjay IT Solutions Ltd from 2000 onwards to represent in Pune and Maharashtra.
In 2007 he set up the first Call center for a Travel company in Pune for sales management. He has completed more than 50 call centers to date.

He is now focused on helping businesses grow using the right processes for Sales marketing and support.

Apart from work he has followed a regular workout regime. Swimming is his  VICE which he can’t live without! 

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