Sanjoy Senapati

Sanjoy Senapati

Webworkz Interactive is a digital marketing agency based in Mumbai, since 2008, providing online marketing consultancy, solutions and services to businesses for helping them leverage digital media platforms that are relevant to their businesses.

About Us

  • 14+ years in Digital Media Marketing Solutions.
  • 1500+ online campaigns
  • Served 130+ Clients Small, Medium & Large enterprises


Services we offer include:

  • Social Media Management & Promotions
  • Social Listening & Online Brand monitoring
  • Digital Design & Development
  • Search Optimization and Marketing services
  • Online Display Advertising
  • Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Content Writing & Development
  • Conversion Optimization Services
  • Lead Generation Services


Our Solutions

Our solutions are woven around the digital services we provide and are tailored to address the unique challenges of each business.

How does these services help businesses?

  • Create visibility amongst the targeted audience segments
  • Reach precise audiences based on the desired and targeted profiles
  • Acquire customers, partners, human resources.
  • Acquiring Participants for Events / Seminars / Programs / Courses
  • Acquire, analyse, categorize customer feedback
  • Promote products and services to specific audiences
  • Create engagement opportunities in their market
  • Establish their online credibility through improved search visibility

Our solutions are woven around these digital services and are custom built to address the unique challenges in leveraging digital media for each business.

Our Clients

We have been working with organizations ranging from small and medium enterprises to large corporates as well as government institutions across sectors like Banking, Finance, Education, Manufacturing, Health, Wellness, Real Estate, Technology, etc.

Some of the better-known clients being Central Bank of India, Ion Exchange, HDFC Ltd, General Mills, Hiranandani, MOOG Inc, Wipro IT BPO, etc.