Ruben Mascarenhas

Deeds not Words, Helping the Helpless

Ruben is a techie by training and a social activist by choice. He has been working towards public problem solving in his immediate neighbourhood at Juhu and also across the city. He is the co-founder of the zero tolerance campaign against sexual harassment which was a consequence of the Amboli double murder case. His efforts resulted in amendments in IPC sections in Maharashtra, making them stronger as well as taking the case to a logical conclusion by ensuring perpetrators get imprisonment for life. He has registered lakhs of voters in the JaagoRe campaign in Maharashtra and Gujarat. He worked in collaboration with the Maharashtra State Election Commission to increase Mumbai’s voter registration by 13% for which he was awarded “Mumbai’s Hero” title by Mumbai Mirror in 2017. He is a tech entrepreneur and a government advisory consultant too. During the harsh Covid-19 lockdown in Mumbai, he co-founded “Khaana Chahiye” with an aim to serve the marginalized groups in the city. He and his team members are working on creating a hunger map of Mumbai which can benefit the society in dealing with future crisis. He is also the National Joint Secretary of Aam Aadmi Party.