Reshma Chhabria

Reshma Chhabria

Reshma Chhabria is the founder of H2H, a Design Led Artisan Crafted Interior Accessories company. She is a qualified Interior Designer who has worked with stalwarts like Arch Shaukat Mukhi & Ar Pronit Nath before starting her own practice in Design.

– That Design is all about the details. Being based out of Tokyo and Mumbai, the range of products reflects a sophisticated mix of Japanese aesthetics along with Indian values, materials, and intricacy.

It is a brand inspired by Japanese simplicity and design details, crafted by both, Indian and Japanese artisans.

Over the course of 4 years of H2H’s existence it has grown to work with 98 artisan teams spread out throughout India and Japan.

Currently, H2H retails through their own website and their flagship store in Bandra, Mumbai apart from being on curated luxury stores like Pernia’s Pop Up, Jaypore, Natty, etc.

H2H also has recently launched a blog series called “The Power of a Stiletto” which is a platform for women entrepreneurs to speak about their journey and inspire others.

Reshma has also been a Guest Speaker Panellist at Women Power 2019.