Rena Striegel

I’m approachable and responsive. I’m relentless. I’m rebellious. I pay attention. I’m invested in you and your results.

I came from rural America and ended up all over the world. I grew up surrounded by a tribe of gigantic personalities. Lived in India twice. Survived broken relationships. Never was afraid to try the crazy things. Used the lessons in life to shape my decisions. Had plenty of “aha” moments. Always embraced the next adventure.
I experienced adversity that created the grit and determination that have been the pillars of my life. Over the years, I have formed a deep-rooted strength and courage that have allowed me to break through many of life’s challenges.
Everyone needs courage to break through. Living afraid can hold us back, keep us stuck, and limit our potential. It’s time to break through your obstacles and fear and make a courageous life your reality.
Have you been going through life and letting other people call the shots? Now it’s time to call your own shots, use your life lessons to transform your actions, and align your passion with your purpose. It’s time to take the “messy” in life and turn it from complicated to simple, from fuzziness to clarity, from lack of direction to purpose.
I promise you I will be direct and honest. I’m practical. I’m approachable and responsive. I’m relentless. I’m rebellious. I pay attention. I’m invested in you and your results. And I want to work with you.
I’ll help you have the courage to break through… to uncover the real you! Let me help you take on your life’s challenges, not with fear, but with boldness, courage, and purposeful living.
Let’s go all in!

The Keys of Knowledge

1. Identify the Right Partners

2. Get along with people who are excited about our vision

3. Right people put together can create wonderful visions

4. To have a bigger business, one must grow exponentially and not linearly.

5. Generally an entrepreneur is not stuck, however a business is stuck and that determines the fate of the entrepreneur.

6. Try amalgamation of different products and services. This way you’ll be able to get business all along, because some business is better than no business.

7. Try a blended business model that can encompass both digital and paper based model.


1. Entrepreneurs do not like advice, so refrain from giving one.

2. Tap into the innovations of entrepreneurs and motivate them to the core. This was entrepreneurs will give extraordinary results.

3. Carrot method is the motivator, while Stick method is for making people exit and most of the times, it’s good for the entrepreneurs.


1. Watch your routine and give some time to yourself

2. Bring out the ideas on the table that you couldn’t because of time issues earlier.

3. Develop your continuity plan for your business and be prepared for and pandemic in future.

4. Work really hard at Networking

5. Sharpen your visual presence on social media.

6. Be accountable for Agreements in virtual meetings

7. With a good character and a great credibility even on virtual meetings, you are bound to just get businesses all time. So maintain the same.


1. Do not rely on verbal agreements.

2. In a family owned business, while with family don the Family Hat and while talking business don the Business Hat. Document a policy and a structure for each individual in a family owned business.

3. US may maintain social distancing till 2022.

4. Handshakes may become obsolete.

5. Medical devices, Pandemic Virus prevention vaccines and supplies are the future businesses to be in.

Last but not the least this is your time and make the best out of it