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Pratap Iyer was born and brought up in a South Indian family in Dombivli and currently resides in Thane. As an individual, Pratap is a thorough extrovert. He enjoys making new friends and once he considers someone as a friend, then he goes to any extent to maintain that friendship. He is humorous, calm and is blessed with abundance of patience. 
He is a key exponent of vedas and has learnt till the Upanishads and he plans to recommence his Vedic Learning from 2020.
He is a part time cook and enjoys music of various genres like Carnatic, Retro and Pop Songs.
As a professional, he has worked with 2 Corporates viz Caterpillar and Reliance Communications in Dubai and India respectively. 
After 4 years of corporate imbeciles, he found his calling in the Education industry and till date he has Coached close to 750 Mentees in the past 10 years.
Having converted his passion into his profession, Pratap now takes pride in shaping the lives of so many young and budding Students across, under graduate and graduate levels. His proteges have aced exams like SAT, GRE, and GMAT thereby securing admissions in IVY league colleges like Stanford and Yale.
His team has just launched their 4th Centre in Juhu. Pratap’s classes are laced with Humor and have lot of Takeaways.  

“All Children should get quality education.”