Parth Dave

Parth J Dave

Parth Dave never imagined himself to be a Seating Specialist. Let alone being in the furniture industry.
But when he realized how important it was to have a good chair on a typical stressful day, he knew he had to help people.
He loves making a difference and helping people to be comfortable. It is very fulfilling & satisfying for him to see people get rid of pain, discomfort or irritation they have been holding up since years!
He grew up sitting on the same Maxiims chair – school, college and even today as he types this – which his Dad brought home about 14-15 years ago. he never had to worry about discomfort or pain. But what about others? That’s when he thought he wanted to make a difference.
He wanted to go into the depths of the chair industry – quality over variety, curation over standardization, durability over planned obsolescence, health over commerce.
He realized – It’s not enough to simply make a chair and call it ‘ergonomic’. Many people have fallen for that trap and many, unfortunately, continue to fall for it. The biggest myth people have is if a chair looks good, it must be comfortable!
Hence, things are very different when you visit his office.
You will feel as if the experience is custom tailor made only for you. That’s what many customers feel too.
He feels so fulfilled and satisfied. that he is able to help people be comfortable and at ease. Especially those who were earlier victims of pain and discomfort since many months/years. And even if all is well, many people get slumpy and slouchy. He is glad he can help come out of that too.
There is no bar for entry. Everyone is welcome!
Professionals, housewives, doctors, patients, hair stylists, students, everyone.
Likewise, we can help you too.
His Company and him work for 
✔ ADMIN & PROCUREMENT TEAMS – Strategic sourcing requires foresight while procuring materials. We provide high-performance, ergonomic chairs, sofas, cafeteria & outdoor seating which are both durable and cost-effective.
✔ COMMERCIAL INTERIOR DESIGNERS – If you are looking for aesthetically pleasing furniture options and yet high on functionality, you are at the right place. We can help you elevate the ‘health & performance’ element of your office project.
✔ INDIVIDUALS – Custom, tailor-made options for dentists, ophthalmologists, physiotherapists, housewives, PhD. students, chefs, teachers, ENT specialists, gynaecologists, obese individuals, expecting mothers & back pain patients.
Contact Parth to find out how you can be more comfortable, healthier & productive with the right chairs.