Megh Hitesh Lakhani

Megh Lakhani

BHM Group
Megh Lakhani is the Managing Partner of BHM Group, a Mumbai Based firm giving 360° Assistance in all kinds of Insurances and Investments, has been started before 30 Years by Hitesh Lakhani – a very much known name in the Insurance Industry. His vision is To Secure each and every Individual as well as Firm Pan India

Megh Lakhani has an IT Background and joined the company before 7 years full time with a mission to work in the direction of Changing The Way People Look At Insurance by starting General Insurance Arm. He started from scratch with 2 wheeler-4 wheeler Insurances and gradually added Fleet of Commercial Vehicles (Goods & Passenger Carrying).

Then moving towards Property Insurances like Homes, Societies, Offices, Shops and Factories with all details and maximum coverages.

Along with every Insurance adding to the kitty, they focused more on Learning and Educating. Learning In Depth all technicalities, terms and conditions of Insurance with minute care and Educating the same to their clients with complete transparency.

With Events, Ad Films and TV Serials Insurances, they entered in Entertainment Industry whereas with Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants and Malls they entered in Hospitality Industry too

Right from Insuring many Jewellery Manufacturing Units as well as Showrooms with their Jewellers Block Insurance to Insuring Stocks in Warehouse or In Transit for MSMEs and Larger Corporates to Insuring of Temples, they have been securing all Types of Assets with Ease.

Not only Assets, they have been doing Liabilities Insurances too like – Professional Indemnity of Builders, Contractors, C.A.s, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Brand Consultants etc. as well as building strong hold on Trade Credit and Product Liability Insurances which can be very much useful for various segments like Switches, Cars, Mobiles, Tyres, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG Companies, Chemicals, Plastic, Metals etc. to name a few