Keith Mclarnon

Going Offline to Online

Keith Mc Larnon is a tough transformational character his charismatic approach to life and business means he’s a high energy man not known for mincing his words.
With a bottom up approach in life he has applied his skill set to leading footwear & accessories brand ‘Pavers England’ in India both living and working from his base in Mumbai.
With a passion for fashion & comfort he prides himself on taking his team of ‘PAVERITES’ out of their comfort zones and getting things done for their customers.
‘The World Is Rough So You’ve Gotta Be Tough’ Keith has addressed such issues as Emotional toughness and through his own example sculpted a healthy body healthy mind unapologetic vision towards leading in India, in his own words “This is possibly the most exciting time to be alive & in India” with his hashtag #irishmanindianheart he is proud to be an Irishman in Indian and treats each new day with a startup mentality towards life.

The Keys of Knowledge

There will be a paradigm shift in TRUST in business. People would be very skeptical about going to public places like Malls and buying essentials.
There would be new normals all around. Hygiene would be of the highest priority.
There would be new norms for socializing as well
There will be serious implications on the deliveries coming from China. There will be strict supply norms.
We will see spending norms being redefined. People will now start to plan for long term as compared to short term.
Work From Home will be implemented wherever possible. Expenses would be structured and new agile rules with respect to employment will be written. Marketing as an industry may see a complete paradigm shift.
It may also be safe to say the now people would start to save more. Atleast 30% of the salaries would go towards savings
As regards Supply Chain norms, National Flavour would find preference. Local Artisans and local produce will find its way to the markets.
There will be pressure on land lords to not pressurize employers and individuals for rental payments
Zero debt or very less debt organizations will survive and Cash will be the new king
18 weeks after the lockdown will give a clearer picture as to who will survive this pandemic and its onslaught.
A smart way to survive a pandemic of this magnitude would be to hold on to a season’s inventory in the near future.
It is possible that businesses consolidation would happen and businesses may contract as per labour.
New regulations with respect to HYGIENE, HEALTH and FITNESS would come in to play for sure.
Last but not the least, if India gets its Infrastructure planning, Urban planning and Industrial planning in place, India will be looked upon as an attractive, lucrative and safe investment option by the world’s best organizations.